Years of TV experience

Loves to tell about wine

Guides your wine tour

Manage your HR

Boosts your organisation

Gives your web site new life


Presentations & courses

  • Wine tastings
  • Wine courses
  • Guide your wine tour
  • Courses regarding editorial organization
  • Managing your HR
  • Cosulting on media contact
  • Media training and TV performance
  • The development of Overgaard Estate 
    between 1942 and 1977
  • Overgaard Estate during World War II

Video to web

Illustration for iBook

Recording and editing video for iBooks. This example 
illustrates a textbook with classic music, aimed at children
and an animal content theme.

This book is available from Anna's Publishing on iPad.

Drone inspection

Wine with la Cour is a part of LA COUR Communication.

We do all kinds of arial photos and inspections from drones.


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